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This call of Jesus was the initial challenge Jesus posed to those who he chose to be his disciples. Their response to this question would be the acid test of whether they were to become disciples or not. Jesus did not call them to pray a prayer, join a church or even to take a test on the beliefs that they held, he simply asked them to follow him.

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Date4 June 2014


I wanted to share from the story of Gideon. Gideon has always been one of my favourite Bible characters and this well known story intrigues me. I remember even in Sunday School we would act out the drinking at the river as we learnt the story
I love how this lesson in the faithfulness of the few, how God intentionally reduced the size & physical power of Gideon’s Army to better display his power & might.
I love that God chose a man who considered himself the weakest and the least likely to succeed. I love how patient God was with Gideon as he laid out fleeces to test God.
And ultimately I love how God saw Gideon’s character both present and future, he saw who he would become.

But recently in re-studying Gideon I saw something I’d never seen before. And its a small part of the verse 34 in Judges 6. Gideon is about to blow his trumpet and summon the armies. But at the start of that verse it says “the Spirit of the Lord came on Gideon”

Now I’ve over looked this countless times, but not in a disparaging manner. I recognise that the Spirit of God empowered Gideon but this is what I’ve recently realised.

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