Come Follow Me

This call of Jesus was the initial challenge Jesus posed to those who he chose to be his disciples. Their response to this question would be the acid test of whether they were to become disciples or not. Jesus did not call them to pray a prayer, join a church or even to take a test on the beliefs that they held, he simply asked them to follow him.

Luke records for us in his message of the good-news about Jesus Christ that he did not have a shortage of people who wanted to follow him or that he was slow at putting the challenge forward to those he met. In chapter 9 we find three people who had the opportunity of following Jesus who when asked or encouraged found that there were a number of things that got in the way. Jesus does not condemn them for their response. The reality is that he would understand the pressures that people found themselves facing. Even taking this into account Jesus makes it clear however that to follow him was to be the central concern of those who decided to accept the challenge.

This question is still one that should reverberate in the minds of those who wish to seriously consider what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. This call is not simply believing the right things, or joining the right church or praying the right prayer, this is to be a life that will require our utmost attention to the commands of Christ. What will such a call demand from those of us who claim to or have a desire to follow Christ?

The reality is we can all respond positively to the call of Jesus, providing the call to follow him does not impinge on an area that we are currently struggling with. So often we want to avoid the point of struggle looking for a quick answer to our problem, it may even result in us blaming others for the way we are and for the things we do. It is at this moment, the place of struggle, that our real desire to follow Christ is revealed and we are presented with a possibility for breakthrough. If we will see this moment as a moment of opportunity and not as something to try and explain away or avoid we will experience true and lasting spiritual growth in our lives. We must remember that it is when we are weak it is then we are strong as we have no other place to go but to rely on God.

Today why not determine that the next time we reach this point of struggle instead of excusing it or fighting it that we actually embrace it and see it as our opportunity to see God’s Kingdom to come in our lives. God will certainly not disappoint us.

Date4 June 2014